Randi has a nice body from head to toe - check out her feet below. You can also look for her to appear in playboy magazine. We're supposed to work on a website together starring randi and her beautiful friends - stay tuned for that. Here's what she says about her feet - "I think i have nice feet, people have complimented me on them before so i think it would be fun."

From: Southern Cal

Height: 5'4

Shoe Size: 7 1/2

Photo Sets: 1 (now available )

Randi's Debut - 4/17/06-

Randi Wright's the name - and porn is her claim to fame. I guess she wanted me to build her website, but later changed her mind. In the meantime she decided to do a shoot for the site; So kind of her really. She's a great girl, and you're gonna love her feet. She brought a couple hott friends along aswell, stay tuned for their photos. 130 photos in her Debut.

Randi and her Girls: 107 photos inside - 01/05/07-

Randi showed up to our photo shoot with two unexpected Hotties - Brittany and Jessica have appeared on our site in their own photo sets, and we're planning on doing another shoot with Brittany very soon - For now, enjoy these spectacular views of not ONE barefoot hottie, but 3 - in the back of a hott pink truck these girls put their feet in YOUR face!

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