Meet this 19 year old hottie - Rachel - it's funny to her that people actually like feet. Nothing better than exposing a girl with feet like hers to the foot world. She's an aspiring model with a big future ahead of her - and some really big feet for all of you to enjoy. Her size 10 1/2 feet will make your mouth water - download her photos now!

From: Las Vegas

Height: 5'8

Shoe Size: 10 1/2

Photo Sets: 9 (1 set now available)

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Rachel's Debut - 12/20/06-

It's important to tell you that it was a VERY windy day in Southern California. Our model for today, Rachel - a hottie from Las Vegas, in town for a few gigs, including ours. She wasn't gonna miss out on her chance to put on these HOT black shorts, to show off her beautiful long legs & 10 1/2 size feet for you! 100 photos inside.

More of Rachel's Debut - 12/24/06-

While part 1 was mostly shoes - showing off how nice Rachels feet looked in the shoes she picked out - this next part features Rachel showing off how nice her Bare Feet look. Lots of wonderful Sole shots in this set, I do think She's got wonderful soles and am sure you will agree. The windy day at the park actually made for nice blue skies and blew her hair around in such a sexy way. 100 photos for you to enjoy, get to it now.

Itsy Bitsy Shorts Set 1 - 10/24/07-

Thank God for tiny shorts and bare feet. Thank God for Rachel! She turned a bad (gloomy, overcast) day into a beautiful day, with her radiant smile, long sexy legs, and long sexy feet! Rachel's Soles are reason enough to join our site - See more of her near size 11's only inside - see all of her photos right now. 100 photos in this set.

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