Peaches Monita is one of our Hott Barefoot "unknown" Models - so far our only one. Sometimes I meet girls who dont mind showing their feet but they don't want everyone to know that they posed for a foot fetish website. So, that was the case with Peaches. She doesnt mind showing her feet - and how wonderful her feet are. Sexy size 9 1/2's nice and big soles - pick up all of her sets today


From: Southern Cal

Height : 5'7

Shoe Size: 9 1/2

Photo Sets: 3

Peaches Monita's Debut - 09/05/05-

This hottie showed up to a photo shoot scheduled for Keri and Sierra; what a pleasant surprise. Her beautiful feet are In your Face for you to enjoy her wrinkled soles. Her face is hidden, because she's not interested in a foot scandal coming back to haunt her future successful career, doing whatever that ends up being. Till then, you guys get a close look at Peaches Monita's bare feet.

Poolside Trio (Feeturing Sierra, Keri Aurora & Peaches Monita - 01/27/06-

The only thing better than one barefoot hottie in a bikini is THREE BAREFOOT HOTTIES in bikini's. Enjoy this Pool Side Trio, Sierra, Keri Aurora and Peaches Monita, in the pool, outside of the pool, and laying out by the pool - lots of wrinkled soles in this set.

Peaches & Keri - 2/03/07-

The final sets of Peaches, for now - She's a friend of Keri's who I do keep in touch with and maybe this coming summer she'll be down with doing another set - She's got awesome feet which she shows off here, next to her friend Keri - gotta love Keri, she's lost a whole lot of weight since these photos were taken; and her soles are just as delicious looking now as they were in these hott photos, next to Peaches' beautiful bare feet - I just love how long her toes are, and how wrinkled her soles b

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