leila janae

Leila Janae was very excited about the opportunity to become a foot model - She showed up wearing some really cute shoes, that made her feet look Hott. I had lots of fun working with Leila Janae, as she gladly kicked off her shoes, and posed her sexy feet - for you - show her your appreciation, download all of her photo sets - You'll be glad you did.

From: Southern Cal

Height: 5'2

Shoe Size: 6

Photo Sets: 3

Leila Janae's Debut - 07/19/06-

I didnt know Kobe's Wife was a foot model. Oh wait - That's not Kobe's wife! That's Leila Janae; a Hot Latina from Southern Cali with great legs, face, body and of course beautiful feet. Usually, I want models to show up in Flip flops, but I couldn't object to her choice of sexy shoes - You're gonna love her Debut - pick it up today. Get all of these photos when you buy Leila Janae's Debut - 100 photos in this set

Leila is just So Sexy - 07/23/06-

If you'd like to see more of the hot modeling that Leila Janae is doing, check her out on myspace. She's in my top 24 but you're going to have to get the Link from our HomePage. Just look for the myspace link - But on a seriously sexy note, I'm glad I had the chance to work with this latin beauty; her feet are so sexy; 100 hot barefoot photos inside. Download them all now!

Leila's Laying out in the Park - 10/28/06-

Another installment of the hot and sexy Leila Janae. 105 photos in this hott set and plenty of great views of her Feet - of course. There were even some young boys woohoo'ing from a nearby balcony of an apartment unit that over looked the park where we were shooting. I hope to work more with Leila in the near future. She's got incredible soles.

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