Katie had this to say about her feet ... "I've had strict Ballet training for 14 years and have only stopped 3 years ago. It was not until very recently did I
ever find them attractive. However, I've always been very proud of my arches. People usually comment on that, as well as the length and shape of my toes.
I see so much fun and subtle-yet-strong sexuality embodied in feet,
and I want to utilise what I have and be a part of this enticing industry."

From: Southern Cal

Height: 5'8

Shoe Size: 7 1/2

Photo Sets: 6 (1 set now available)

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Katie's Debut - 05/04/06-

Occasionally girls will apply to model for our website via our Model Application; Every now and then we hit a home run. That's the case with Katie. She was introduced to the foot fetish world through a boyfriend, and was very aware of how attractive female feet are. Wait till you see hers...

Katie Loves Star Wars - 09/14/06-

Katie Loves star wars! She told me so when she signed up. I Guess that's good information for any star wars fans out there, who also love bare feet. During the shoot I noticed she was wearing a little storm trooper around her neck; Cute ... but her feet are much cuter.

Beach Katie - 02/25/07-

Speaking of troopers... Katie sure was one. She braved the blowing winds on the beach to show you her bare feet; This set is pretty hot, pretty nice scenery in the background; and lots of GREAT Sole shots of Katie's awesome feet. 117 photos inside this one. Enjoy!

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