Here's what Crystal said about her opportunity to become a foot model:
"I was born and raised in the south bay, I love it here. being raised at the beach you learn to hate shoes! so I only wear sandles if anything at all... I would love to be a foot model because it sounds silly, so it has to be fun! I have a job and I go to college full time, it keeeps me busy and serious. so I need some time to be silly and model my feet!"

From: Southern Cal

Height: 5'4

Shoe Size: 7

Photo Sets: 4 (1 now available)

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Crystal's Debut - 07/16/06-

Crystal has some sexy feet; Smooth soles, and long toes - exactly what foot lovers want to see. She's also got great legs that I'm sure you'll enjoy. Stop reading and download her debut set today! - 112 HUGE 2288x1718 size photos inside.

Crystal on the Bench - 08/29/06-

This set picks up where Crystal's Debut left off. Laying on the bench, showing off her beautiful feet. Lots of people passed by while we were doing this photo shoot, one guy remarked on how much He'd love to see these pictures when they're done. I Shouted out to him, "" - the Only place to see this beautiful so cal girls sexy bare feet!

Crystal hits the Beach - 02/25/07-

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for - Crystal hits the beach. I've done lots of fun stuff in lifegaurd towers but nothing quite as fun as photographing sexy bare feet. There are 100 photos in this set, and a nice teaser at the end when she slips off her skirt and tank top, and shows off her hott bikini body. Download these all right now!

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