Claire is a hott barefoot woman - She has amazing soles that will make your mouth water. She knows how sexy her feet are, and there is nothing like working with a woman like that. Had lots of fun working with her - You all will enjoy her photo sets aswell. Claire had this to say ... "My feet are my favorite body part - what can I say???" - She doesn't have to say much. Her feet speak for themselves.


From: Southern Cal

Height: 5'10"

Shoe Size: 10

Photo Sets: 7 (3 available now - claires's Debut )

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Claire's Debut - 10/06/06-

Here's a Hottie that you're gonna love! Her size 10's are as delicious as they look; So far she's got the biggest feet in our Hott Barefoot Site. This foot goddess has been conducting foot sessions in the So. Cal area for quite some time. She knows exactly what you foot "pervs" want to see. Enjoy Claire's Debut - over 130 images in this HUGE set.

Claire's LONG Toes! pt 1 - 10/25/06-

Some of the very best feet I've ever seen - she told me that she's loved her feet for a very long time. I'm sure you will too. This set gets up close and personal with Claire's beautiful Soles - the lovely shape of her feet really makes her soles Awesome to admire - and in this set you'll also get some very great views of her Long Toes - Very Long slender feet that belong in your foot collection. Grab all 100 of these hot photos right now.

Claire 5 (blue shorts) - 02/15/07-

I decided to skip forward a bit into our photo shoot with the wonderfully beautiful Claire - She slipped into these hott blue shorts and, well ... You just need to see for your selves. 100 photos in this set - enjoy!

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