Brittany showed up for the photo shoot with Randi, So I didn't get to find out her thoughts of being a foot model till after the shoot. Here's what she had to say - "hmmm well i am already one of your foot models so let me see...its fun and crazy and wierd all at the same time and i had a blast!" - I had a blast too & so will all of you - Check out her sexy feet right now!

From: Southern Cal

Height: 5'6

Shoe Size: 7

Photo Sets: 1 (now available )

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Brittany's Debut - 05/05/06-

Brittany showed up with Randi Wright and I'm happy that she did. I'm trying to meet our schedules up so that we can take more photos. This red-hot Redhead has awesome feet - your mouth is sure to be watering; there's a nice teaser at the end of this set, download all 95 photos right now!

Brittany Bikini Month 07 - 08/01/07-

Brittany appears once again on the pages of - heating up the month of August; As Bikini Month 07' continues watch as Brittany lays out on the beach. It was a beautiful sunny day here in Southern California; Brittany's sandy soles and long freckled legs make the beach look even better. Oh, and check out her Hot Pink bikini...

Hott Pink Brittany - 11/11/07-

One of our hottest barefoot models returns! You saw her in bikini month 07 sporting her new look ... her boobs look amazing I must say; And once again so do her feet. 100 photos in this set for you to enjoy!

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