Jessica came along to pose for our site with Randi & Brittany - Randi told me she had some girls to bring along; I didn't know they'd all turn out to be so hot. Check out Jessica enjoying the day as I told her about all the crazy stuff that people are into; There are much stranger things than a foot fetish. - Download Huge Resolution size Photo Sets or View Photo Galleries if available Inside VIP.


Her Feet are a Size: 7

Height: 5'4

Total Photos: 90






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Jessica's Debut - Date: 05/30/06

Jessica is a real Delight - a beautiful girl with a great smile and awesome feet - I only wish I got a chance to work with her again. Up to this point I haven't - but hopefully will again in the future. Not just for me, but for all o fyou. The world needs more of this hottie's bare feet - Take a look at the pictures and let me know if you agree. - Buy This set Below - Join our VIP Members Area - VIP Members Login - See All of our Hott Barefoot Models