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Here is what we are looking for - Currenly we are looking for women in the Los Angeles area, to pose in tasteful pictures, like the ones you see on our website. We're not asking girls to pose nude, instead we'd like to take pictures of you wearing shorts, skirts, and/or bikini's while barefoot, wearing flip flops, sandals ect... We Are Not Looking for Professional Models, but Everyday Girls - Click here to see How we HELP Models get Their OWN Websites as well!

All of our pictures are taken in public places like parks, beaches, and public parking lots. Foot Modeling can be a "FOOT in the door" for any girl who wants to become a professional Model - most photographers charge money to create a portfolio - we'll create one for you for FREE - OUR Images are Beautiful, Tasteful, and We'll provide you with a CD of all your images from our photoshoot. Thank you for stopping by, We look forward to working with you! - Model Application Form:

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Thank you for filling out our form. We will read over your information, questions & comments, and respond to you very soon. Look for an e-mail from©. For models that are not in the SoCal area, you are welcome to apply for future foot modeling for our site IF you plan on visiting this area. Again, thank you for stopping by.

We work with NEW FRESH Faces looking to get INTO The Modeling World ...You get $40 OR a Full CD of all Images from our Shoot! You can also become the STAR of your very own Website - Check "Solo Site"!