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Why we sell photo sets.

To seperate ourselves from the pack, we sell photo sets of all our models. Most if not all foot fetish websites on the net today, sell memberships. And now, so do we. However originally we Only sold photo sets of our models. Now that we also have a membership section, selling photo sets gives you another option. If you can't afford to join our website - but you can afford to buy a photo set from us every month (or every other month) - our HottBarefoot Store allows you to do that.

Want to know why we sell photo sets?

Our models posed for free. Well, not entirely for free. They agree'd to recieve a percentage of the sales from their photo sets. So you guys really need to thank them and show your appreciation by purchasing their photo sets. or joining our VIP Section. Why? You love feet - and you love Close ups of Soles; you want to see every detail of these women's beautiful bare soles - you want to see the wrinkles, you want to examine and enjoy their toes; You want to imagine your foot fantasies, at the feet of these hott barefoot women.

And you want our HUGE photos!

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My Background and Why I started this site.

I started this website with literally no money; and No professional photography experience - but with a pure love for female feet, and a desire to share that with others just like me. I know what foot lovers want to see because I'm one of you! When a girl shows up for a photo shoot, I already know if she's the kinda girl I'm looking for, I know what poses you'd like to see a girl in - It's my goal to bring you the very best angles of women's beautiful bare feet.

I had a digital camera which takes awesome photos. I love feet and I love sexy women. I have 7 years of experience running a business & 3 years of website design; So I figured, How hard would it be to design & run a foot fetish website? I talked with a good friend who invested some money in helping to get this off the ground; The money we've made so far has gone to our models, aswell as the maitenence & improvement of this website. So please continue showing us your support, we need it - our models need it too! But most importantly we want to continue to bring beautiful bare feet to foot lovers around the globe.

Since starting this site...

I've recieved Tons of feedback - people LOVE the photos - and in my opinion it's worth it to spend money on feet you want to see. Think of it as Pay-Per View or Feet-On-Demmand. Some of our models may not be of your liking - others may be just what you're looking for. So, we give you the option of paying $25.99 per month to view all our photos or You can spend $20-$50 per month to view HUGE detailed, high quality photos of your favorite girls. When you get ready, you can always join our vip section - but of course its up to you what you decide when that is.

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You'll like what you see - we're sure about that. Buy their photo sets, you'll be glad you did.

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Buying photo sets is as simple as adding photo sets to your shopping cart, and when you're ready to buy, simply press the view cart button. You'll be taken to the checkout screen to make your purchase.

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We sell photo sets of beautiful women, showing their Bare Feet. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; What's beautiful to you may not beautiful to me or the next man. But one thing all foot lovers usually agree on, are Beautiful Feet.

Why we Sell the photo sets? - click here:

On most membership websites, images are usually sized down - and who can blame them? The larger a picture is, the more space it takes up on a website. Sizing down a picture to 800x or even 1024x reduces the "byte size" of the image, but often reduces the quality also. Our photos are BIG 2288x - You'll see every wrinkle of her soles, and the details our models' toes.....

Our photo sets are all in .zip file format. We are selling Full sets & Mini-sets, which are basically just a full photo set, divided into 3 or 4 "parts". Your order will be emailed to you upon receipt of your payment.

Be sure to use an email box that has enough space for your order, because some of these .zip files are huge. - ranging from 13mb - 35mb. Also check your Spam or Bulk folder, because sometimes orders from our site (HBW) will end up in there.

Once again, all photos are in High-Quality 2288x1712 resolution. You will have 4 hours and 20 minutes to download your sets after you order. Our links expire in order to secure the safety and the financial interests of everyone involved with this website. - For users with high-speed connections (DSL/Cable) downloading your order should not take any longer than 2-5 minutes.

For users on slower connections, it may take much longer. You know your computer - Give yourself enough time to download your order.

We can't stress this enough - These are "Excellent" photos to add to your foot-fetish collection. We Garauntee you're gonna love our FEET! - Send as many people as you can to this website. Purchase photo sets. Please help us grow. Support this website so that we can bring you even Better photos of feet in flip flops, sandals, bare soles, wrinkled soles, wet, dirty, sandy & soft sexy soles, long & short toes, sexy girls, average girls, unknown girls & big girls - showing YOU their sexy feet!

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We thank you again for visiting © Come back Soon.

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"You're Gonna Love our Feet! "

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