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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why should I sign up?

A: There are lots of great reasons to join an affiliate program. Affiliates get access to content that the casual passer by would not. Free samples, photo galleries that they can host on their own servers, aswell as linking codes for myspace, and other social networking sites. Placing a banner or a text link to our site using your affiliate code will give you an excellent chance to earn money on people signing up for VIP Memberships. it also puts you in position to make money from other affiliates who join our program on referral links from you. Make money when OTHER people send traffic to our site! That's awesome!

Q: Will I make a lot of money?

A: Yes - but only if you're really working hard at driving traffic to this site. As an affiliate you are officially a business partner of our business - So it's important to understand that everything is a numbers game. The more people you are sending to our site, the more Chances you give yourself to make money. So once you join - be sure you promote, promote - promote! Place banners and text links in as many places on the web as you can. But all we ask is that you NOT SPAM places that are not open to this type of website.

Q: Does it cost me any money?

A: No - It's completely free to join our affiliate program - simply load your CCBill affiliate information in the box above or sign up for a new account and you'll be on your way to earning money with us as a Hott Barefoot Affiliate.

Q: Will you pay me money?

A: No - you will recieve money from CCBill - CCBill handles and tracks all of the sales sign-ups that come from your affiliate links. They also handle sending you your check. Please read more about their service by visiting their website @ http://ccbill.com

Q: What kinds of "stuff" do I have access to as an affiliate?

A: How about you go and see for your self - Inside our Affiliate Area you will have access to banners, promo ads, blog icons, and galleries already in .zip format that you can UnZip, Upload and start driving traffic to. Place our banners & promo ads everywhere you can think of - in forums, on your networking profiles like Myspace or Friendster - Have a blog? Use stuff from our affiliate area in your blogs, use our blog icons to drive traffic to our site; and all you have to do is copy the code provided, and swap the "XXXXXX" with your affiliate ID. It's really that simple. Sign up Today!